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ST25DV02K-W1 Image

The ST25DV02K-W1 is an NFC/RFID tag IC with 2 Kbits of electrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM). This IC has two interfaces - the first one delivers up to 2x independent pulse width modulation output signals and the second is an RF link activated by the received carrier electromagnetic wave. The PWM outputs are configured at boot time and can be updated live through RF link. RF and PWM are independently powered and can work in stand-alone mode. The ST25DV02K-W1/2 contains 256 bytes (64 blocks) of memory for User data. This memory is accessible through the RF interface, following ISO/IEC 15693 or NFC Forum Type 5 Tag recommendations.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    NFC/RFID Tag IC with 2 Kbits of Memory

General Parameters

  • Frequency Band
  • Functionality
  • Air Interface/Protocol
    ISO/IEC 15693
  • Memory
    2 Kbits (EEPROM)
  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to 85 Degrees C
  • Storage Temperature
    -40 to 105 Degrees C
  • Voltage
    1.8 to 5.5 V

Technical Documents