Avoid Missing RF Signals: Discover The BB60C's Power!

Discover the transformative power of the BB60C Spectrum Analyzer in this in-depth exploration of its cutting-edge features and capabilities. As one of Signal Hound's flagship products, the BB 60C stands out by offering unrivaled value in the realm of RF engineering, with a real-time streaming rate of 140 megabytes per second and a sweeping speed of 24 GHz per second. This device is not just a tool, but a game changer in spectrum analysis, enhancing your test and measurement strategies across a myriad of applications from EMC pre-compliance to digital demodulation.

The BB60C excels in providing comprehensive signal analysis with an instantaneous bandwidth of 27 MHz, allowing it to detect even the most elusive signals in dense RF environments. Its superior architecture facilitates precise identification and analysis of adjacent signal components, revolutionizing your approach to RF testing. Whether you are tackling phase noise characterizations, antenna pattern measurements, or complex signal visualization, the BB60C is engineered to deliver high performance and reliable results.

This video, featuring Signal Hound's senior engineer Justin Crooks, delves into the technical nuances and innovative engineering behind the BB60C. From its roots replacing the BB60A to its advanced double conversion superheterodyne architecture, learn how the BB60C sets new standards in the field.