RF & Microwave Component Measurement Fundamentals

  • Webinar Date

    March 21, 2018

Webinar Overview

Why this Webcast is Important:
Components are the "building blocks" of today’s complex RF systems. In most transceivers, there are amplifiers to boost LO power to mixers, and filters to remove signal harmonics. Often, R&D engineers need to measure these components to verify simulation models and hardware prototypes. For component production, a manufacturer must measure the performance of their products so they can provide accurate specifications. It’s essential to understand how a component will behave to maximize the performance of the system being designed or optimizing efficiency during the manufacturing test process. During this 1-hour webcast, you will learn about the RF transmit/receive signal chain. We will review the role of modern network analysis in characterizing the key components of these systems, covering transmission line theory, S-parameters, Smith Charts, impedance measurements, impedance matching, calibration and error correction. We’ll also discuss transmit/receive and directivity paths and how to optimize dynamic range and accuracy.
Joel Dunsmore
R&D Fellow
Keysight Technologies