Improving the Linearity and Efficiency of RF Power Amplifiers

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  • Author: Raymond S. Pengelly
A growing number of semiconductor technologies are being applied to RF power transistor applica-tions. These technologies include Si LDMOS FET, SiGe HBT, InGaP HBT, GaAs MESFET, AlGaAs pHEMT, SiC MESFET and AlGaN/GaN HEMT. The dependencies of linearity and efficiency of such technologies are often common, such as transconductance derivatives, capacitance variations, break-down effects and parasitic resistances. This article overviews the work that has been achieved to date to maximize linearity and efficiency in the most promising technologies, as related specifically to infrastructure appli-cations. The article also addresses the increas-ing number of device and circuit level tech-niques that are being used to enhance these two important parameters as required for IM3, ACPR and ACLR suppression in 3G sys-tems such as W-CDMA/UMTS.
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