RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies — Part 3

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  • Author: Frederick H. Raab, Peter Asbeck, Steve Cripps, Peter B. Kenington, Zoya B. Popovich, Nick Pothecary, John F. Sevic and Nathan O. Sokal
The building blocks used in transmit-ters are not only power amplifiers, but a variety of other circuit elements including oscil-lators, mixers, low-level amplifiers, filters, match-ing networks, combiners,and circulators. The arrangement of building blocks is known as the architecture of a transmitter. The classic transmitter architecture is based upon linear PAs and power combiners. More recently, transmitters are being based upon a variety of different architectures including stage bypassing, Kahn, envelope tracking, outphas-ing, and Doherty. Many of these are actually fairly old techniques that have been recently made practical by the capabilities of DSP.
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