Load Network Design Technique for Switched-Mode Tuned Class E Power Amplifiers

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  • Author: Andrei Grebennikov
The switched-mode Class E tuned power amplifiers with a shunt capacitance have found widespread application due to their design simplicity and high efficiency operation [1]. Such a cir-cuit configuration consists of the shunt capacitance, series inductance, RF choke to provide the con-nection to the DC current supply and series fundamentally tuned LC-filter to provide high level of harmonic suppression. In the Class E power amplifier, the transistor operates as an on-to-off switch and the shapes of the current and voltage waveforms provide a condition when the high current and high voltage do not overlap simultaneously that minimize the power dissipation and maximize the power amplifier efficiency. Such an operation mode can be realized for the tuned power amplifier by an appropriate choice of the values of the reactive elements in its load network [2].
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