Wideband Amplifiers

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  • Author: Peter Staric and Erik Margan
This is an excellent book in the field of analog electronics. Analog, linear and wideband amplifiers are now, as they always were, important building blocks of any electronics systems that interface with real world sensors. This book is a wel-come addition to the field of linear and wideband ampli-fier analysis and design. In Part 1, Staric and Margan cover the basic mathematical functions needed for analysis in many parts of the book. The Laplace transformations are treated extremely well. This chapter is so well written that one could use it for at least one semester of review of linear analysis. I particularly like the graphical representation of the transfer function in the S-domain, such as Fig.1.14.2 on page 1.75 and another on page 1.79. The convolution is very well cov-ered and extremely well explained.
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