Guidelines for Improving the RF Immunity of Audio Amplifiers

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  • Author: Kymberly Schmidt
RF immunity, or RF susceptibility, is quickly becoming as important a design consideration as PSRR, THD+N, and SNR in the audio portions of cellular phones, MP3 players and notebook computers. Bluetooth is proliferating as a wireless-serial-cable replacement for headsets and micro-phones in mobile applications. Wireless LAN (WLAN), using the IEEE 802.11b/g protocol, is practically standard in PC and laptop comput-ers. The TDMA multiplexing scheme found in GSM, PCS and DECT technologies remains a considerable RF nuisance. Today’s dense RF environment raises concerns regarding an electronic circuit’s susceptibility to RF and RF’s impact on the integrity of the overall sys-tem. The audio amplifier is a system block that can be susceptible to RF.
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