Active Multiplier Realization Using Harmonic Loading at Ku-Band

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  • Author: K. Singh, R. Ramsubramanian, S. Pal, & D. Bhatnager
Signal generation is one of the most crit-ical problems in the microwave and millime-ter-wave communication market. The demands of greater stability and low phase noise further increase complexity in the circuit design. Signal generation in the mil-limeter-wave bands can be realized either directly by an oscillator or by multiplication from a lower frequency. An effective solution is to multiply the output of a low noise oscillator. FET frequency multipliers appear attractive compared to diode multipliers because of their potential to have better conversion loss and output power, along with their compatibility with MMIC processes [1]. Moreover, HEMT is the preferable choice in the family of the tran-sistors due to its higher cut-off frequency, bet-ter noise characteristics and mature technolo-gy both as a discrete device and in MMIC con-figuration.
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