Future Opportunities and Challenges for mm-Wave Amplifier MMICs

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  • Author: L. Devlin, A. Dearn, G. Pearson and T. Richards
The largest application for mm-wave amplifier MMICs is point-to-point links for mobile communications backhaul. Microwave pointto-point links in the 6 to 40 GHz range are a well established technology for this application. In terms of mm-wave (> 30 GHz) amplifiers, products targeting the point-to-point bands at approximately 38 GHz are currently shipping in very high volumes. Looking to the immediate future, there is a lot of interest in the 40.5 to 43.5 GHz frequency range (also called the 42 GHz band), which is viewed as a likely extension to the current range of fixed link frequency allocations. In Europe, CEPT guidelines provide recommendations for the accommodation and assignment of multimedia wireless systems (MWS) and point-to-point links in
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