28GHz Multi-Chip Modules

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  • Author: L.M. Devlin, G.A. Pearson, A.W. Dearn, S. Williamson
Broadband Wireless Access systems, such as Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) and Multipoint Video Distribution Systems (MVDS) tend to operate at mm-wave frequencies where large allocations of spectrum are available. These frequencies were previously utilised by low volume applications such as radio astronomy and military systems. The techniques developed and the prices of parts reflected this. As the consumer market for Broadband Wireless Access equipment matures, new techniques are being developed which allow the production of mm-wave equipment in high volumes at low prices. This paper describes the design and development of upconverter and downconverter MultiChip Modules (MCMs) suitable for manufacture at low cost, in high volumes. The
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