Novel Materials for Improved Quality of RF-PA in Base-Station Applications

New materials and production technology have been introduced into LDMOS RF-PA transistors to provide advanced thermal features and increased thermal conductivity (Kth). Recently Kth of WCu flanges has been increased by nearly 25% from near 160 W/mK to near 200 W/mK. Further improvements in the latest generation of the RF-PA utilize novel flange materials such as Cu-laminate with even higher Kth, by more than 25% compared to WCu. The development of Cu-laminate flange structures, involved optimization between achieving higher Kth and preserving desired mechanical properties for low stress and long-term reliability. Such optimization provided desired flatness for the RF-PA; yielding in lower interfacial thermal resistance between the RF-PA transistor flange and the next level heat sink. Furthermore, well characterized, highly thermally conductive, and very robust AuSi die attach was employed for efficient and reliable thermal coupling. Constellation of such materials and production tec

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