Unleashing Cost-Efficiency with Post-PA Hybrid Beamforming in mMIMO Systems

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  • Author: Dmitrii Prisiazhniuk & Sinan Alemdar

In order to facilitate extensive radio deployments, the low cost of the radio system and high power efficiency are key considerations for operators. Hybrid beamforming (HBF) is an effective way to address these design targets. This article describes a new post power amplifier (post-PA) HBF architecture applied to massive multi-input multi-output (mMIMO) radio systems. It presents an effective solution for the post-PA phase shifting block using two Analog Devices ADRF5347 SP4T switches, enabling the reduction of total system cost, while meeting the requirements of the mMIMO system. While this article discusses mMIMO radio, the post-PA HBF approach is generalized and can be applied to different types of radio communications (small cells, macro, mmWave, satellites), radar applications (industrial, automotive, military), or radio frequency sensing/ imaging applications.

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