Overcoming the Challenges of 4G LTE and MIMO for In-Tunnel Wireless Connectivity

As mobile wireless continues to make the transition to data and video-dominated broadband, unprecedented demands are being placed on operator networks. Thus, 4G LTE networks are deployed worldwide – mainly in macro environments – to support this increasing data throughput demand for mobile users everywhere. However, specifically for in-tunnel applications, deployment of 4G networks has just started.

The purpose of this white paper is to review the design challenges for in-tunnel LTE applications and to analyze the key performance indicators. The document summarizes the results of a comprehensive measurement campaign focusing on in-tunnel LTE performance based on RFS RADIAFLEX® radiating cables.

Furthermore, a number of test cases have been executed to investigate the applicability of MIMO technology in tunnel environments and to identify its individual requirements. The white paper gives insight to the individual test configurations as well as the results which have been achieved.

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