PMP 450 and LTE in 3 GHz - A Comparison

The LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard provides for great performance and has many features that make it well-suited for any use case. The LTE standard developed by 3GPP has had billions of hours and dollars poured into it to create the standard protocol for mobile telecommunications. However, just because a product utilizes the LTE standard does not inherently mean it has any of these features, or the optimal level of performance.

Globally, the 3 GHz band has been a licensed frequency band that was defined for the WiMAX standard. It is not typically available to Service Providers without having purchased or leased this frequency. However, some efforts have been made to make it more readily available in certain parts of the world.

Cambium Networks introduced the 450 platform in operating in the 3 GHz band in 2014. Since then, it has been deployed in hundreds of networks globally. Upcoming changes to this band in the United States (via the Citizens Band Radio Service initiative) will allow additional frequency
 use in this band, driving more demand for efficient equipment that operates in these frequencies.

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