Bridging the Gap for New Applications in Electronics with Interactive Gen2 RFID

From adding visibility to the production process, through work-in-process manufacturing techniques, to adding accountability and speed to the movement of finished products through the supply chain, RFID has already changed the way manufacturers of electronics operate. But a number of challenges and shortcomings have limited the benefits the technology delivered.

NXP has introduced a new IC platform designed to enhance RFID beyond the traditional track and trace applications. This new product, known as the UCODE I2C boasts a slew of features tailored specifically for the electronics market. The chip provides high memory, security features, and a variety of packaging options that make it highly versatile. By enabling a bidirectional communication bridge between products’ electronic circuitry and a wireless Gen 2 infrastructure, this new introduction offers features never before seen in standard passive UHF RFID tags and opens doors to new applications for wireless sensors, product security, customization and authentication features.