How a New Architecture for NFC Transmitters Brings Fast NFC Wireless Charging to the Consumer Device Market

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  • Author: Alessandro Goitre

The technology of wireless charging has the wind in its sails. The trend to embed wireless charging capability into consumer devices has been led by the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) Qi charging standard, which is the most widely adopted technology for the wireless charging of smartphones. The momentum is accelerating as more and more charging locations, such as the centre console in new cars, home appliances or shops offer convenient wireless charging for compatible devices.

As a result, consumer acceptance and knowledge are growing, leading manufacturers of other types of devices beyond the mobile phone to explore the potential for wireless charging.

Now, however, a breakthrough in NFC system design promises to double the power that can be supplied via an NFC connection, while also providing a reduction in component count, bill-of-materials cost and system size. This article describes how this fast-charging NFC capability could affect the design of new consumer products.

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