EMC for Electronics

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an integral part of the development of any electronic device. By law, products must comply with international EMC standards which regulate EM emissions and the susceptibility of electrical and electronic systems in order to be sold. A successful product must strike a balance between EMC and competing design requirements such as size, cost and performance, and this can pose major challenges to engineers. The earlier a potential EMC problem is identified, the less disruption it causes to the design process.

Simulation using the CST EMC STUDIO software package – a module of CST STUDIO SUITE – allows problems to be identified and corrected from the start of the design process before the first prototype is even built. The software includes a range of solvers, ranging from PCB design rule checkers to fullwave 3D solvers to specialized cable and PCB solvers, which can be linked and hybridized with the CST System Assembly and Modeling (SAM) framework.

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