Enterprise Campus Building-to-Building Connectivity & ROI Analysis of Millimeter-Wave Radio Systems

Capacity requirements in enterprise networks have dramatically increased. The vast majority of internal, in-building LAN infrastructure today is Ethernet based and networks are typically running at fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) or gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbps) speeds. CAT5/6 copper cables and/or optical fiber are used to interconnect switches/routers inside the building and to enable the high capacity inbuilding network infrastructure backbone. However, due to the general lack of a high capacity fiber based outside plant infrastructure, severe networking problems can occur when multiple buildings within an enterprise campus need to be interconnected.

This white paper will explain how millimeter-wave radio technology can be used to solve the problem of a non-existing high capacity wireline infrastructure between remote buildings. In particular, it will be shown that a millimeter-wave radio solution can be installed in a very short timeframe and at price points that are extremely compelling in comparison to trenching or leasing fiber.

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