What is Free Space Optics (FSO)?

Imagine a technology that offers full‐duplex wireless gigabit Ethernet throughput and that also uses light to communicate information between remote locations. A technology that can be installed license‐free worldwide, can be installed in less than a day and offers a fast and high return on investment (ROI). That technology is free‐space optics (FSO). This line‐of‐sight technology approach uses invisible beams of light to provide optical bandwidth connections. It's capable of sending up to 1.25 gigabits per second (Gbps) of data, voice, and video communications simultaneously through the air — enabling optic connectivity without requiring physical fiber‐optic cable.

This short white paper is intended to provide valuable background and resource information on FSO technology. Whether you're a student, an engineer, account manager, partner, or customer, this paper provides the FSO insight you may require. And for providing high‐speed connections, across Enterprises and between cell‐site towers, it is one of the best technologies available.  

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