Simulation of MIMO Handset Antenna Array Performance with Varying Hand Positions

A proposed design for a 12-port  5G massive MIMO mobile terminal was presented for operating in sub-6 GHz range, specifically LTE band 42 (3400-3600 MHz), band 43 (3600-3800 MHz), and band 46 (5150-5925 MHz). This device was shown to have good performance for 8x8 MIMO operation in bands 42/43 and 6x6 MIMO operation in band 46 by using several different antenna designs spaced around the edges of a mobile handset PCB. Here the performance of the antenna is simulated in XFdtd first with the handset alone and then in various configurations of either one or two hand grasping. The performance criteria evaluated are the return loss, isolation between antennas, the efficiency, gain, and the envelope correlation coefficient (ECC) which is an indicator of the diversity performance of antenna pairs.

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