Why Combo Antennas are Finding New Markets with Robust, Multi-technology Connectivity

With new product launches and evolution of existing devices requiring multiple radios, smaller form factors, and greater device breadth, OEMs are increasingly challenged both at the design phase and when getting their products to market. The majority of this market is
made up of embedded antennas that are challenged to find space within devices that allows them to connect without interference but not all use cases face the same constraints.

For applications where form factor is less of a challenge, a large number of devices can accommodate surface-mounted antennas. These include vehicles, emergency response equipment, vending machines, public transport systems, and industrial assets. Combo antennas commonly bring together multiple capabilities offering from four to ten or more different antennas within a single unit. Although relatively complex to develop, combo antennas offer great simplicity for installers because only a single mounting is required.

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