Sockets and Adapters - Design FAQ's

Remember the days when everything was in a DIP package? Big parts, easy to see, easily fixed by the soldering technician. Those glorious days are gone. Every component, shrunk smaller, to an eye-straining size. Chips have switched from pins to pads, saving space in the process. The complete electrical world is beyond the point of practical handling.

The jobs have remained the same—design it, fix it, upgrade it, test it. Entire printed circuit boards (PCBs) to host a single chip is a waste of resources. But now, every new semiconductor package can have a socket or adapter. Test quickly, on the fly, swap out, and do it again. High-bandwidth, high-power, low-noise, and adaptability are at the heart of today’s product design requirements. What’s on the minds of engineers that deal with dynamic electrical product design?

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