NGMN 5G White Paper 2

The first NGMN 5G White Paper provided a 5G vision, describing the business context and identifying several use cases and business models. It defined detailed requirements based on this vision, reviewed technology trends, identified potential technology building blocks and proposed an architecture for the 5G system. Finally, the White Paper provided recommendations on spectrum and IPR. This second White Paper builds on the first 5G White Paper, extending the vision, use cases and enablers with an increased focus on the vertical industries that 5G will serve.

This second 5G White Paper begins with a review and expansion of the vision in the first 5G White Paper. It then highlights some of the vertical industries that 5G will progressively support, showing how mobile network operators can provide both network and services to meet the varied requirements of the different markets. A high-level description is provided of key technology enablers that have matured or been identified since the first 5G White Paper, and that are required to meet the Verticals’ requirements. Specific consideration is given to sustainability, the latest considerations and recommendations on IPR and spectrum are provided, and we conclude with some key messages and actions to industry. Sections listing abbreviations, definitions and references then complete the document.

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