Real Time Monitoring of Public Safety Passive DAS Infrastructure Through SMART Passives

What are you missing by not monitoring your passive distributed antenna system (DAS)? With Microlab’s patent-pending System Monitor Alarm Report Technology or SMART passives, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), building owners, and system integrators are now able to monitor the coaxial cabling and antennas within an Emergency Responder Radio Communications System’s passive DAS in real-time for catastrophic failures. Unlike cellular radiotelephone networks, ERRCS has rigid RF coverage and audio quality requirements to meet the needs of first responders.

Critical areas of a building require 99% coverage with negligible noise and distortion. When the integrity of the DAS cabling and antennas is compromised, there will be a negative impact on radio coverage. SMART Gateway and SMART Coupler are innovative solutions combining an embedded Internet of Things (IoT) diagnostics circuit board with a specialized broadband tapper or coupler. With an Internet browser connected to the SMART Gateway, a GUI is used to observe the VSWR and DAS integrity deep into a building. Other applications include mines, rail, and vehicular tunnels. SMART passives will ensure the reliability of your public safety DAS.

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