The Benefits of Multi-probe Technology for the Testing of Phased-Array Antennas of LEO Satellite Constellations

As key components of wireless connectivity, antennas are essential satellite subsystems integral to growing demands for high-speed data through-put. Their optimal performance is critical to mission success. With more antennas per satellite than ever before, in addition to their advancing complexity, the testing and calibration of satellite antennas has become increasingly more challenging. Yet, time and costs have teams searching for the most efficient methods.

Consequently, the testing phase of satellite antennas remains crucial while it has been equally recognized as a potential area where significant time savings can be achieved. This whitepaper explores how efficient calibration and testing of satellite antennas, particularly phased-array antennas, can provide substantial reductions in test times. Spherical near-field multi-probe technology is positioned to bring to market faster test solutions, facilitating reduced production times and accelerated launch rates.

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