Improving Cable Performance in Harsh Environments

From exposure to chemicals to extensive flexing during installation, cable assemblies for aerospace & defense, clean manufacturing, and oil and gas applications must be built to withstand the harsh environments they’re bound to encounter. To Gore, the definition of a harsh environment is one that compromises a cable’s signal integrity, reliability and lifetime performance. Therefore, solutions for civil and military aircraft, spacecraft, semiconductor cleanrooms, and oil and gas equipment must be meticulously vetted by systems manufacturers and engineers.

Though cables are frequently the final consideration when designing electronic systems, they are arguably the most vital. They serve as the system’s lifeline, and if they can’t withstand extreme temperatures, abrasion and other harsh environments, the entire system can be negatively impacted. That’s why W. L. Gore & Associates designs cable solutions that are proven to provide reliable performance over the system’s lifespan – even in the face of electrical, mechanical and environmental stress, as detailed in White Paper: Improving Cable Performance in Harsh Environments.

Choosing the right cable assemblies for an aerospace, clean manufacturing, and oil and gas application may seem like a monumental task, Gore clearly explains the factors to consider in White Paper: Improving Cable Performance in Harsh Environments. As the durability of cables in harsh conditions makes the difference between success and failure, we also provide insight into the value of our proprietary cable insulation and jacketing materials. By the end of the white paper, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what quantifies as a quality, high-performing, fit-and-forget cable solution.

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