Operation of RF Detector Products at Low Frequency

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  • Author: Matthew Pilotte

Analog Devices has many RF detector products in its portfolio designed to operate over various frequency ranges up to 8.0 GHz. Most of these parts can also perform very well at frequencies down into the audio band, although the data sheets for these parts list performance and specify guaranteed operation at much higher frequencies. The low input frequency performance of these parts is summarized in this application note. Plots of performance are included.

The low frequency performance of the following parts is discussed in this application note: AD8302, AD8306, AD8307, AD8309, AD8310, AD8361, and AD8362. (The AD8314 is not included because it contains a series capacitor at its input, which precludes its use at low frequency.) Using the appropriate precautions, some of these devices can be dc-coupled at their inputs. The external circuitry substantially determines the lowest frequency at which operation is acceptable

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