Reimagining Antenna Design Solutions for Next-Generation Mobile Devices

Rapid innovation in next-generation mobile devices is creating significant engineering challenges in the form of antenna implementation. A key issue is that 5G handsets typically have more than twice as many RF paths as LTE phones due to new bands and requirements in the cellular, Wi-Fi, Ultra-Wideband (UWB), mmWave (mmW) and GPS standards. However, a lack of space limits the ability to add new antennas and/or sharing antennas among many bands creates complex problems. Innovations in industrial design, such as foldable or rollable screens and the replacement of physical buttons with virtual controls impose significant constraints on antenna design and placement. Additional challenges are created by conflicting targets of increases in carrier power requirements and OEM system efficiency targets and improvements – i.e., battery life. With an extensive track record of helping companies solve the toughest RF problems, Qorvo Antenna Solutions Reimagined (QASR) helps engineers navigate space, design and performance challenges to harness the true power of antennas in their RF architectures.

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