6G Applications and Use Cases

The Next G Alliance is identifying the drivers of the future applications that have the potential to influence the development of next-generation mobile communication technologies. It does this by gathering applicable information, reviewing trends, and assessing the evolution of applications and use cases. Main drivers are classified into the Next G Alliance's four foundational areas of use cases (Everyday Living, Experience, Critical Roles, and Societal Goals), with the goal of better understanding how next-generation technology and its ecosystem can help improve the way humans live and interact.

Complementing the audacious goals the Next G Alliance has set, the Next G Alliance Report: "6G Applications and Use Cases" includes four categories of use cases: Network-Enabled Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Multisensory Extended Reality, Distributed Sensing and Communications, and Personalized User Experiences. The report also includes high-level functional and performance requirements based on both audacious (new and challenging) and obvious (slightly enhanced) characteristics developed by the Applications Working Group.

By taking a proactive view of 6G applications and their potential, the Next G Alliance is developing the North American perspective on what is required to fuel the success of a host of applications yet to be imagined. The goal is to foster innovation so that emerging applications can help drive the evolution of the 6G network.

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