Increasing Wideband Antenna Performance With Active Matching

Present  wide-band  antennas,  operating  in  the  VHF  and  UHF  frequency  bands,  are  typically passively  matched  to  achieve  a  reasonably  good performance,  with  low  enough  VSWR  (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) levels, over a wider bandwidth. This White Paper presents an approach that allows optimizing  the  matching  of  wideband  antennas  more  efficiently  and  without  the  trade-offs that come with passive matching methods.The  purpose of this paper  is to make  users  and  OEMs  of  radio frequency  (RF)  devices  aware  of the benefits that wideband antennas can provide when using active matching.It will describe how the overall performance of a RF system can be efficiently enhanced through COJOT’s approach of using  wideband  antennas  with  active matching  that  can  be  operational  within  the  VHF/UHF frequency ranges. The benefits of efficiency enhancement can include: improved antenna performance (extra  range),  better  signal  quality,  reduced  power  consumption  or  smaller  antenna designs. There  is  a  clear  need  for  a smart  approach  that  will provide  additional  benefits  as  well  as  an indispensable level of flexibility to users and OEM’s of RF systems when keeping up with the demanding market requirements.

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