Unleashing the Potential of Smart Manufacturing With 5G and IIoT

Digital technologies underpinning the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have ushered in an era of smart factories,hyper-efficiency and limitless productivity. Already,manufacturers face the pressure of fulfilling customer requirements more rapidly and with a higher degree of flexibility and customization than ever before, but traditional manufacturing models lack the agility and intelligence to meet these demands.As a result, many factories and production lines are already utilizing IIoT technology on the factory floor, but without the network capability to support these solutions their value is limited. It is only through the integration of 5G cellular networks that these smart operations will reach their full potential.The low latency and massive data capabilities of 5G enable manufacturers to deploy fully automated solutions that can be adjusted in real time for optimal productivity and sustainability. With 5G, smart factories also open the door to pivotal technologies such as augmented reality(AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced robotics.With these cutting-edge technologies in place,manufacturers are empowered to develop innovative,synchronized solutions and rise to the challenge of Industry 4.0.

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