From here to Autonomy: How to Fulfil the Requirements of the Next Generation Connected Car

The automotive industry is in a state of transformation as vehicles shift away from the combustion engine to electricity produced from renewable energy sources. At the same time, user behavior and their expectations of their vehicles is starting to change, bringing in new ways of interacting with vehicles which are influencing the next generation of vehicle design.This leaves a massive market composed of realistic applications that can and are being deployed today. These extend from basic connectivity to enable infotainment and communications from the car to more complex data transmissions to enable predictive maintenance or over-the-air (OTA) software updates and new business models such as e-insurance and car sharing.

These pay-as-you-use services are transforming car makers from being sellers of products to being providers of mobility services. Connectivity is the enabler of this move because such business models rely on accurate positioning, timing and robust, secure data transmission capability.

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