V2X: An Important Building Block in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)

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  • Author: Thomas Adam, Swen Kopp, Steffen Lang & Andreas Winkelmann

Network connectivity is fast becoming the most important trend in the automotive industry. It all started with connecting the control units within the vehicle. Then smartphones were connected to the vehicle. Today, many cars are able to autonomously collect information from the web. The next logical step will be connecting cars with each other and the environment,using V2X technology.V2X is short for “vehicle to everything”. The term describes a vehicle’s communication with surrounding or interacting road users and structures.

For the discussion of the resulting connectivity applications derivatives like V2V(V = vehicle), V2I (I = infrastructure), V2P (P = pedestrian) and V2N (N = net-work) have been introduced.The technology has also been called C2X (C = car), but this name is successively being replaced by the more general term “vehicle”. Being able to automatically exchange real-time information between road users features attractive advantages in several ways which are described in this white paper.

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