Comparison of Quartz Crystal Oscillators and Silicon MEMS Oscillators

This white paper is an update on SiTime MEMS oscillator technology in response to the Epson white paper “Comparison of Crystal Oscillator and Si-MEMS Oscillators.” The Epson white paper compares quartz oscillators with a SiTime MEMS oscillator that was released in 2011, and a Microchip oscillator that was released in the same time frame. Since then, SiTime has made groundbreaking progress in MEMS, analog, and systems technologies. SiTime MEMS oscillators surpassed quartz technology in performance in 2013, and since then, we have been delivering significant technical value to our customers.

This white paper includes some performance data on the Epson SG-210*B, which was the Epson device highlighted in the original Epson white paper, but focuses more on high performance differential output oscillators

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