Vehicular Distributed Antenna System (Vehicular-DAS)

The current development of communication technologies opens up new opportunities and enables novel V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) services in the automotive area. Specifically,in order to introduce advanced V2X use cases requiring high reliability and/or high data rate, technologies such as multi-antenna technologies (e.g. massive MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output)), broadband technologies (e.g. carrier aggregation or dual connectivity),but also FR2 (Frequency Range 2 (24250 MHz – 52600 MHz)) spectrum usage might be essential for efficient V2X communications. Also, the number of required antennas mountedon vehicles will keep growing for both PC5 and Uu to support such advanced use cases

All these challenges have to be resolved in order to enable the full range of use cases in the automotive area,and it is commonly accepted within the industry that these constraints/challenges require vehicular Distributed Antenna System (vehicular-DAS) approaches.This white paper provides analysis on both the motivation for and needs associated with vehicular-DAS, as well as some vehicular-DAS design solutions (proposals). In addition, it describes the implementation feasibility and potential benefits of vehicular-DAS based on measured computer simulation results. It also includes the analysis of potential vehicular-DAS impacts on current specifications.

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