High-frequency Solutions: How to Manage Burgeoning Data Traffic on a Finite RF Spectrum

It’s widely reported that the world’s limited natural resources are being depleted at an unsustainable rate – and huge efforts are underway globally to develop new sustainable solutions. But one finite commodity that’s rarely talked about – but which is increasingly central to the way we live today – is the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. Entire industries rely on fast and reliable mobile broadband access – and new industries will open up and expand when high-speed and low latency access becomes widely available. 

Remote surgical procedures could be carried out by surgeons anywhere in the world, but only if high-speed signals with extremely low latency (lag) can be guaranteed. The limiting factor in all of these possibilities is the availability of RF spectrum for mobile applications. Very few people are aware that the capacity of the RF spectrum is finite, and existing licensed bands are becoming highly congested.

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