A Universal Interposer Board for High-Rejection LTCC Filters

Mini-Circuits’ BFHK-series of ultra-high stopband rejection LTCC filters accelerates the drive towards RF/microwave circuit miniaturization while completely redefining performance levels achievable by LTCC filters. The BFHK-series of filters now achieves stopband rejections in excess of 90 dB in a surface mount LTCC component consuming just a fraction of the footprint area of even high-k dielectric based planarsolutions.

The performance of the LTCC-derivative BFHKI-series Chip-Scale Package (CSP) device is outstanding, and affords the flexibility to mount the CSP to coplanar waveguide and microstrip circuit boards as well as stripline. Any approach capable of adapting to several mounting strategies brings about certain compromises in performance.

In the following sections, the performance of the BFHK- and BFHKI-series of components utilizing several different interface methodologies is explored. Simulations are presented for a stripline launch of both series, comparing their performance with and without the interposer. Measured data is compared for the baseline BFHK-series and the interposer-based BFHKI-series devices.

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