High Temperature Frequency Control Solutions

The demand for frequency references with higher operating temperature range capability is rapidly growing across all marketplaces. The range -40°C to +105°C is replacing -40°C to +85°C as the defacto industrial temperature range, partly due to system designers downsizing application boards and eliminating cooling fans from their systems. The expansion of electronic controls in automobiles is further pushing maximum operating temperatures to +125°C and beyond. There is also a growing acceptance of using commercial-type components for military, aerospace, and rugged industrial applications, driving the need for devices that can survive in their respective operating environments.

Harsher operating environments bring new demands and challenges to improve performance for frequency reference devices functioning in today’s applications. These include integrated circuits [IC] used in oscillators operating at higher temperatures with concerns for thermal resistance such as junction temperature, quartz resonators and oscillators maintaining lower stability numbers over wider temperature ranges.

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