How 2.2-5 Low-PIM Connectors Can Be Used in Wireless Networks to Alleviate Passive Intermodulation

The term “passive intermodulation” may sound harmless, but it spells trouble for users of wireless networks. Passive intermodulation, or PIM, creates unwanted interference and signal degradation, and can lead to reduced network coverage and increased costs. However, over the past decade 2.2-5 low-PIM RF connectors have emerged as a popular solution to PIM distortion in some cases. With their small form factor, such connectors are particularly useful in tight spaces and where lightweight components are desirable.

In this paper we discuss the main causes and effects of PIM distortion as well as the qualities, benefits, and applications of 2.2-5 low-PIM RF connectors. We also cover a closely related topic − the surge protection needs of wireless networks, and we conclude with information about a PolyPhaser product that meets these needs: our quarter-wave stub SPD with 2.2-5 low-PIM RF connectors.

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