Designing Power-Efficient Wireless Location Finding Systems

Location Finding Systems (LFS) use wireless tags to track the location of equipment, materials, people, and products. There are many applications where access to location data can improve safety, productivity, and efficiency, including smart buildings, warehouses, retail, medical and more. These applications can assure a wide number of location−based capabilities for example, LFS can be used to identify where people are located in a restricted area of a factory or manufacturing cell factory, such as if they are in a restricted area or have entered a manufacturing cell where they can be in danger of injury from robotic systems. LFS can also be used in medical facilities to track not only portable equipment but doctors and patients as well as they move throughout a building. Similarly, LFS can be used locally within a factory to track materials as they progress through the assembly line or products as they move through the supply chain. Depending upon the technology in use, LFS can even track assets globally.

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