Design and Development of Microwave Filters on Metallized ABS Plastic

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  • Author: Jagdish Shivhare
This paper describes experiments to evaluate the use of metallized ABS plastic in place of metal and other substrates for cavity and planar structure communication filters, which can reduce the weight and cost. The specific gravity of ABS plastic is 1.05 gm/cm3 compared to 2.7, 8.5 and 8.9 gm/cm3 for commercial aluminum, brass and copper respectively. The cost of metallized ABS plastic substrate may be substantially less than the cost of traditional microwave laminates such as Rogers RT-Duroid. Some cavity bandpass filters have been developed and tested at center frequencies of 53.5 ±1.5 MHz, 86.5 ±4 MHz, 324 ±4 MHz, 600 ±9 MHz, 1200 ±150 MHz, 1537.5 ±7.5 MHz, 1636 ±10 MHz, 4190 ±20 MHz, 4590 ±20 MHz and 5.850-5930 GHz. Twohairpin line filters at 1537.5 ±10 MHz and 1575.5 ±10 MHz, also have been developed and tested.
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