Software Finds, Identifies, and Analyzes Signals in Long-Term "Spectral Haystack"

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  • Author: By Ray Swanson X-COM Systems
X-COM’s Spectro-X software is specifically designed for this purpose. It is a tool to search for “signals of interest” within long recordings of spectral emissions over broad swaths of spectrum -- even when the signal capture is hours or days in length. Using its four internal search engines, Spectro-X can find the signal in the spectral haystack, show the user how the signal behaves over time, when it occurred, at what location it was recorded and perform numerous other useful analyses. Features have recently been added to make the process easier and faster and include new functions that enhance analysis results. Spectro-X is wellsuited for applications ranging from signals intelligence to spectrum management and verification testing of radar, EW, ECM, and wireless systems.
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