Simulation Procedures for Successful Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) Design Using Discrete Components

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  • Author: Sonoko Akamatsu, Scott Muir, and Larry Dunleavy
This tutorial is intended to guide the user through the stages of a basic low noise amplifier design and optimization, with a goal of first-pass fabricated design success. This will be accomplished by providing the user with a project tutorial, starting with the design process and ending with a comparison between the software simulations and the model performances. This example used in this treatment is that of a low noise amplifier using a Modelithics-developed nonlinear model for an Avago ATF54143 PHEMT device along with Modelithics CLR models for all passive lumped components. The simulations shown were developed within Agilent Technologies’ Advanced Design System (ADS) RF/Microwave circuit design simulation environment.
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