National Instruments to Feature the NI AWR Design Environment Version 13 at EDI CON USA 2017

National Instruments will be introducing the NI AWR Design Environment Version 13 in a variety of activities at the upcoming EDI CON USA 2017 from September 11-13 in Boston. It will include software demonstrations and conference presentations within the Low-Power RF & IoT, Radar/Defense; 5G Advanced Communications, and RF and Microwave Design technical tracks as well as a power amplifier (PA) design workshop.

A list of highlights of the NI AWR showcase at the event:

Software Demonstrations in Booth #317:

  • New Updates in NI AWR Design Environment V13
  • Microwave Office for Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit, RF Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Module Design
  • Visual System Simulation (VSS) for Wireless Communications and Radar Systems
  • Analyst and AXIEM Electromagnetic (EM) Technology for Interconnect Analysis
  • AntSyn for Antenna Synthesis and Optimization

Technical Presentations:

  • Practical RF PCB Design
  • Small Antenna Design for Wireless and IoT
  • Dual-Band Compact Wi-Fi Multiple-In-Multiple-Out (MIMO) Array
  • Transmit/Receive Front-End Module and Actively-Scanned Antenna Array
  • Bit Error Rate, Error Vector Magnitude and Adjacent Channel Power Ratio Performance for Proposed 5G Modulation Waveforms
  • MIMO and Beam-Steering Modeling in Support of 5G Applications

Technical Workshop:

  • Advanced Load Pull for Linear PA Design Workshop

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