The New TFi Turin Wireless Power Network Eliminates Batteries and Cables for Industrial IoT

Jun 18, 2020

The whole world is moving towards wireless, with voice, data and now we are looking to truly untether humanity with wireless power. TransferFi is powering Industrial IoT sensor networks at a range of 50 meters. This carves a strong path towards the realization of Industry 4.0 and a digital economy. Cable-free technology can be a powerful enabler for the growth of Internet of things (IoT). On average, more than 60% of the costs associated with an industrial IoT installation goes into cabling and installation. And that figure is increasing, because labour costs are constantly rising. The inevitable cost for wiring is creating a barrier to digitisation, IoT and the dream of full autonomy. 

To break the reliability barrier for far field wireless power transfer, TransferFi developed the newly introduced TFi Turin-1 wireless power network platform (WPN) platform. The platform allows for reliable deployments that can truly replace power cables and where batteries will only last less than 2 months. Finally, there’s a path to scalable IoT deployments where initial installation CAPEX will be reduced by 50% against cabling and overall OPEX by more than 80% where there’s no battery replacement maintenance required.

The core breakthrough is all in the patented system level algorithms that TransferFi developed based on feedback from multiple pilots with Fortune 100 multinational companies, which have approved the reliability, robustness and quality of the system. Previously, commercial deployments have always been unreliable and have never been optimized for scale. With the TFi auto-calibration system which optimizes targeting, time-sharing and the signal based on receiver targets location and application load.

The current TFi Turin-1 platform is available in the TFi WPN IIoT system which consists of a TFi Gateway and TFi Sense units. TFi WPN IIoT system provides seamless power and high-quality data integration without the need for cabling infrastructure and maintaining batteries enabling scale for true autonomy. The TFi Gateway makes use of far field RF wireless power transfer to power up and communicate data with TFi Sense devices up to a 50-meter range providing truly wireless IoT infrastructure with minor maintenance required.

The technology is based on 11 years of combined research in the field of optimization of far-field wireless power transfer combined with 8 years of experience within industrial automation. 

TFi WPN IIoT system is specifically built for smart buildings, logistics, data-centres and manufacturing plants where large-scale sensor deployments are necessary. The system is truly wireless and ideal with inbuilt edge computing capabilities coupled with temperature, humidity, air pressure, 3-axis vibration, sound and air quality sensors.


TFi Gateway Mx, TURIN - 1TFi Sense, TURIN - 1
Covers 32 TFi Sense DevicesEdge Computation with ARM Cortex-M4
Multichannel Beamforming, up to 16 CH3 - Axis Accelerometer, Microphone, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity & TVOC
Range of up to 50 mTransmission Rate of up to 5 Hz
Supports Modbus, BACnet & Web ServicesProprietary Encryption + AES 128 

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