TMYTEK Introduces 5G mmWave Beamformers and Frequency Converters for the FR2 Spectrum

TMYTEK Introduces 5G mmWave Beamformers and Frequency Converters for the FR2 Spectrum

TMY Technology has introduced a series of 5G mmWave beamformers and frequency converters that support both 28 GHz and 39 GHz with the full 5G FR2 spectrum coverage for antenna and algorithm developers. In particular, academic researchers and antenna module makers can benefit from these innovative products to speed up their R&D progress 20X faster in the advanced mmWave solutions.

"5G is no doubt the driving force for the next-generation transformation and we are more than excited to see and support the boost of new 5G opportunities in the global market with our growing mmWave product offerings to speed up FR2 technology development and application faster than ever," said Ethan Lin, VP and Co-founder of TMYTEK. "Our BBox 5G series and UD Box 5G series not only support 28 GHz in the FR2 frequency band for most countries in the world but also cover 39 GHz that is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia and China markets. By solving the challenge of mmWave propagation and understanding the pain points in beamforming implementation, our team continues optimizing product design to ensure the cutting-edge performance of 5G mmWave development products. Meanwhile, we have added dynamic thermal compensation for constant RF performance and enabled SPI control by FPGA/SDR to achieve a short beam switching time of hundreds nanosecond to fulfill the 3GPP beam management requirement."

Covering FR2 bands n257, n258, n259, n260 and n261, the most common 5G mmWave and satellite communication spectrum, the latest 5G version of beamformers and frequency converters designed by TMYTEK allow developers and researchers to perform mmWave applications development and test on extended frequency bands.

The use case of the University of Hawaii at Manoa has successfully developed a 5G NR sensing prototype system for contactless COVID-19 testing by using TMYTEK's mmWave products. With two of TMYTEK's beamformers, BBox, as the OFDM transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx), and one UD Box as a frequency up and down converter, researchers can set up a mmWave radar environment quickly and focus on algorithm development, to successfully developed an accurate, safe, and contactless COVID-19 testing system.

TMYTEK's latest BBox 5G beamformers integrate all active circuits, including Power Amplifiers (PA), Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), Phase Shifters, and T/R switches in one box to make a complete RF front-end for 5G mmWave applications. Moreover, the detachable antenna design offers excellent flexibility for easy attachment for any array antenna. UD Box 5G, an ultra-broadband frequency up and down converter radio frequency cover up to 44 GHz. TMYTEK's in-house designed GUI and API provide individual control of phase and amplitude of each channel in BBox and configure the frequencies in UD Box, allowing antenna designers, system integrators and algorithm developers to complete beamforming and conduct testing from different angles for various mmWave deployment scenarios.

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