San-tron Introduces High Performance Field Replaceable 2.92mm Connectors

San-tron Introduces High Performance Field Replaceable 2.92mm Connectors

San-tron has introduced the S292 Series coaxial connectors that are designed to provide high-performance throughout the entire K band frequency range. These high performance, field replaceable 2.92mm connectors are mode free and generate a VSWR of < 1.18 through 40 GHz. They are designed to the 2.92 mm standard and offer compatible mating to Anritsu K Connectors, APC 3.5, SMA, WSMA, and 3.50 mm connectors. The pin of the 2.92mm male connector is shorter than an SMA or 3.5 mm male pin so that the bodies of the male and female connectors engage before the pin and socket contacts. This mitigates wear from mating misalignment found with SMA or 3.5mm connectors.

The new S292 field replaceable connectors are available in female and male configurations with 3/8 and 1/2-inch square, 2-hole .550” flange and 2 hole .625” flange configurations for 0.009”, 0.012”, and 0.020” launch pin diameters. These 2.92mm plug connectors are available for HP160 (.160” OD) and HP 190 (.190” OD) flexible coaxial cables as well as .047”, .086” and .141” flexible, conformable or semi-rigid coaxial cables. Configurations for other cable types can be made available upon request. They feature high performance gold plated beryllium copper contacts, polyetherimide (PEI) capture bead, Polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) positioning bead and rugged stainless steel bodies. They fully comply with MIL-STD-348.

Receptacles can also be configured in pressure resistant, pSeries, construction. San-tron's innovative pSeries immersible coaxial connectors have low-loss, high-stability performance and provide a pressure seal per MIL-STD 202 Method 212, Condition D (+125º C flourocarbon leak), test conditions. They have been ingeniously designed with extremely tight tolerances and unique construction to achieve pressure seals without any O-rings. 

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