Top RF and Microwave Products in 2021 - Part 1

Top RF and Microwave Products in 2021 - Part 1

This year (2021) was an eventful one for the RF & Microwave Industry. It witnessed the commercialization of 5G Technology, the introduction of Wi-Fi 6E, widespread use of IoT, significant advancements in military technology and the launch of hundreds of satellites for a wide range of applications. This article is the first of a two part series that lists some of the most viewed RF & Microwave products on everything RF in 2021.

Software-Defined Radio from 300 MHz to 6 GHz for LEO Satellites

The SDR-1001 from CesiumAstro is a High-Performance Software-Defined Radio that operates from 300 MHz to 6 GHz. It has been designed to operate in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) environments and is suitable for demanding digital signal processing and communications applications. The SDR includes 4 x 100 MHz receive channels, 4x 100 MHz four transmit channels, and a state-of-the-art FPGA in a credit-card-sized footprint. Read more.

Low-Power Automotive FMCW Radar Transceiver from 76 to 81 GHz

The TEF82xx from NXP Semiconductors is a single-chip, low-power Automotive FMCW Radar Transceiver that operates from 76 to 81 GHz. It enables 360-degree sensing through key safety applications including automated, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic alert, and automated parking. Read more.

SOSA Aligned Frequency Up/Down Converter from 0.5 to 18 GHz

The Model 3U from Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions (CAES) is a frequency Up/Down Converter that operates from 0.5 to 18 GHz. This SOSA-aligned, conduction-cooled, VPX RF Payload Card, provides one channel for upconversion, one channel for down-conversion, and a synthesizer in a single, 3U slice. It has been designed to be an RF front end for electronic warfare, ELINT, and electronic support/surveillance/attack. Read more.

SOSA-Aligned Microwave Transceiver from 100 MHz to 18 GHz for EW Applications

The PTRAN-100M18G-SDLVA-2SFB-3UVPX-P4-MAH from Planar Monolithics Industries is a SOSA-Aligned Microwave Transceiver that operates from 100 MHz to 18 GHz. It fits into a 3U Open VPX form factor utilizing a high-speed VITA 67 connector. The transceiver up-converts a Tx signal from 100 MHz – 4 GHz to 2 GHz – 18 GHz range and down-converts an Rx signal from 100 MHz – 18 GHz to 100 MHz – 4 GHz for analog to digital conversion. Read more.

Wi-Fi HaLow (IEEE 802.11ah) SoC for IoT Applications

The MM6108 from Morse Micro is a Wi-Fi HaLow (IEEE 802.11ah) SoC for IoT Applications. This SoC augments Wi-Fi by operating in a spectrum below 1 GHz to offer a longer range and lower power connectivity. Wi-Fi HaLow meets the unique requirements for the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable a variety of use cases in industrial, agricultural, smart building, and smart city environments. Read more.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6E/Bluetooth 5.0 Combo Chip

The BCM4389 from Broadcom is a Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.0 Combo Chip designed for low-power mobile devices and AR/VR devices. It utilizes Broadcom’s new tri-band simultaneous (TBS) connectivity architecture to mobile devices. In addition to having two main Wi-Fi radios and a MIMO Bluetooth radio, this chipset incorporates a third ultra-low-power independent radio for optimizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth performance. Read more.

28 GHz Beamforming Front End IC for 5G Phased Array Antenna Systems

The SUMMIT 2629 from Mixcomm is a Beamforming Front End IC that operates from 26.5 to 29.5 GHz. Fabricated using RF-SOI, this 8-channel front-end IC is designed to address the challenges constraining 5G mmWave performance. A single module provides two sets of four channels for two antenna polarizations – a total of eight channels per RFIC. Read more.

57 to 71 GHz mm-Wave Beamforming Module for FWA and 5G Applications

The BFM06009 from Sivers Semiconductors is an RF Module that operates from 57 to 71 GHz with 2D beam steering (steering in both azimuth and elevation). This module gives users the flexibility and performance required for large deployments of 60 GHz FWA networks. It has a 16+16 Tx/Rx Array which can be used for beam steering with an Azimuth of ± 54 degrees and Elevation of ±25 degrees. Read more.

Dual USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer with 245 MHz true I/Q streaming

The SPECTRAN V6 X from Aaronia is a high-performance USB real-time spectrum analyzer that operates from 10 MHz to 6 GHz. The analyzer support dual USB True I/Q streaming of up to 245 MHz (IQ rate) real-time bandwidth. Multiple devices can be cascaded together to achieve an even higher real-time bandwidth. The analyzers have a DANL of -170 dBm/Hz with internal pre-amp on and an amplitude accuracy of +/- 0.5 dB. Read more.

Josephson Parametric Amplifier from 5 to 7 GHz for Quantum Computing

The Wide-Band Josephson Parametric Amplifier (WB-JPA) from Raytheon BBN is a Low-Noise Amplifier that operates from 5 to 7 GHz. It has been designed for use in quantum computing and can operate at millikelvin temperatures. The amplifier provides a gain of 20 dB with a noise temperature of 295 mK (at 6.8 GHz). It has an instantaneous bandwidth of 300 MHz and can be tuned with an on-chip bias line. Read more.

350 / 550 / 1000 Watt X-band Solid State Power Amplifier

The X-band SSPA Series from Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS) are Solid State Power Amplifiers that operate from 9 to 10 GHz. They are available in three different peak output power ratings of 350W, 550W, and 1kW with a duty cycle of 10 % and a gain of over 55.5 dB. Designed in a compact, environmentally sealed housing, these SSPAs can be used in any airborne or ground-based environment. Read more.

Switched Filter Bank from 6 to 26.5 GHz

The AM3186 from Atlanta Microwave is a Sub-Octave Bandpass Filter Bank that operates from 6 to 26.5 GHz. It contains 5 bandpass filters with 1 GHz overlap as well as an integrated, low-loss filter bypass path up to 20 GHz. The filter bank has a low insertion loss of 6 dB, isolation of over 50 dB, and switching speed of 200 ns. It requires a DC supply of 5 V and draws 18 mA of current. Read more.

Laser-Powered Electric Field Probe Kit from 5 kHz to 200 MHz

The FL8200 from AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation is an advanced Laser-Powered Electric Field Probe and Associated Kit that operates from 5 kHz to 200 MHz. It has been designed specifically for EMC radiated immunity test applications. Each field probe is an electrically small, separable axis sensor capable of measuring both continuous wave and pulsed electric fields. Read more.

1-Port USB Vector Network Analyzer from 1 MHz to 6 GHz

The R60 from Copper Mountain Technologies is a single port USB-powered VNA (Reflectometer) capable of measuring S11 from 1 MHz to 6.0 GHz. It can be operated from any Windows PC or laptop using a USB cable. The R60 provides a wide variety of analysis capabilities, including S11, time-domain with gating, DTF measurements, and much more. Read more.

10 MHz to 26 GHz Real-Time Phase Noise Analyzer

The HA7062D from Holzworth is a real-time phase noise analysis system that operates from 10 MHz to 26 GHz (optional to 40 GHz). It provides measurement offsets from 0.1 Hz to 100 MHz. It has a high-speed digital processor for speed, but the proven accuracy and speed start with the analog front end. They have internal ultra low noise RF sources that not only complement the dual-core FFT engine to provide one of the most advanced phase noise analyzers available but are also made available to the user at the front panel’s LO Output ports. Read more.

SP3T Switch from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz for Automotive Applications

The SKYA21039 from Skyworks is an SP3T Switch that operates from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. It has a fast-switching speed of 300 ns, low loss, high isolation, high linearity, small size, and low cost. The switch requires a DC supply from 3 to 5 V and has integrated DC blocking capacitors. It is AEC-Q100 grade 2 qualified and is available in an 8-pin Micro Lead frame (MLP) package that measures 1.1 x 1.1 x 0.5 mm. Read more.

4 x SPDT Reflective Switch Assembly from DC to 18 GHz

The 50SA-181 from JFW Industries is an RF Switch Assembly that operates from DC to 18 GHz. It consists of 4 individually controlled SPDT failsafe reflective electro-mechanical RF switches. The switch assembly has a switching speed of 15 ms and can handle up to 100 W of input power @ 4 GHz. It has an insertion loss of less than 0.35 dB and a VSWR of under 1.35:1 while providing isolation of more than 60 dB. Read more.

2-Port Vector Network Analyzers from 5 kHz to 20 GHz with Optional Spectrum Analyzer

The R&S ZNL Series from Rohde & Schwarz are two-port Vector Network Analyzers that operate from 5 kHz to 20 GHz. They provide excellent performance with a dynamic range up to 130 dB and output power range from -40 dBm to +3 dBm. The standard features include embedding/de-embedding, fixture compensation, time-domain measurements, and support of automatic calibration units. Read more.

5G Bandpass BAW Filter with Passband from 3.3 to 3.6 GHz

The A10335 from Akoustis is a Bandpass BAW RF Filter with a passband from 3300 to 3600 MHz. It can handle up to 32 dBm of power and has an insertion loss of less than 2.7 dB. This filter uses Akoustis’ patented XBAW technology to provide excellent RF filter performance and its high rejection enables coexistence with adjacent 4G LTE & 5G bands. Read more.

High-Performance, Space-Qualified Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard

The RAFS (Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standard) from Orolia is a state-of-the-art ultra-stable atomic clock that provides excellent stability. It is designed with the latest technologies, providing advanced features, such as long lifetime, high reliability, lightweight, and ultra-low phase noise, for next-generation space applications. Read more.

2600 W GaN HEMT D-Mode Amplifier from 960 to 1215 MHz

The MAPC-A1500 from Macom is a GaN HEMT D-Mode Amplifier that operates from 960 to 1215 MHz. It provides a pulsed output power of 2600 W (64.1 dBm) with a gain of 18.5 dB. The amplifier requires a DC supply of 65 V and has a junction temperature of 0.07 C/W. It is manufactured using GaN on Silicon Carbide which makes it suitable for linear and saturated applications. Read more.

2 W Distributed GaN Amplifier from 2 to 18 GHz

The ARF1306C5 from Altum RF is a Distributed Amplifier that operates from 2 to 18 GHz. It delivers a saturated output power of 34 dBm with a small-signal gain of 15 dB. This GaN amplifier requires a bias voltage of 20 V and draws 450 mA of current. It is pre-matched to 50 ohms and the RF ports are AC coupled. The ARF1306C5 is housed in an air-cavity ceramic QFN package that measures 5 x 5 mm. Read more.

70 dB Variable Step Attenuator from DC to 2.2 GHz

The 680-70-1 from MECA is a Variable Step Attenuator that operates from DC to 2.2 GHz. It has an attenuation range of 0 to 70 dB in 10 dB steps (manually controlled via a knob) and an insertion loss of under 0.5 dB. The attenuator can handle an average input power of 2 W, and a peak input power of 1 kW with a VSWR of less than 1.4:1. Read more.

60 GHz Multi-Object Pulsed Short-Range Radar Sensor

The A1 from Acconeer is a High-Precision, Pulsed Short-Range Radar Sensor that operates in the unlicensed 60 GHz ISM frequency band. This radar sensor has a range of 60-2000 mm and can detect multiple objects with a single measurement as well as continuous sweeps. It is based on a unique patented technology enabling millimeter accuracy with very low power consumption without the need for an aperture. Read more.

Flexible Alternative to Semirigid Coax Cables from 100 MHz to 18 GHz

The TFlex 405 from Times Microwave Systems is a Solid Silver-Plated Copper Cable that operates from 100 MHz to 18 GHz. These cables were developed as a lightweight, flexible alternative to semirigid coax cables. They provide shielding effectiveness of more than 100 dB and have a propagation velocity of 69.5 %. The cables are plated with silver to minimize the potential for intermodulation distortion. Read more.

Surface Mount Directional Coupler from 6 to 18 GHz

The FPC06913 from Knowles is an Asymmetric Directional Coupler that operates from 6 to 18 GHz. This 20 dB coupler has a passband insertion loss of less than 1 dB and directivity of over 10 dB. The coupler is available in a surface-mount package that measures 4.572 x 2.794 x 0.381 mm. Read more.

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