Ampleon Introduces Multiband Sub-6 GHz MMIC Drivers for 5G-NR and 4G LTE Base Stations

Ampleon Introduces Multiband Sub-6 GHz MMIC Drivers for 5G-NR and 4G LTE Base Stations

Ampleon has introduced the B11G3338N80D, an LDMOS based push-pull 3-stage fully integrated Doherty RF transistor being the carrier product for GEN11 Macro driver family covering all sub-6 GHz frequency bands. This highly efficient multiband device covers a frequency range from 3.3 to 3.8 GHz, enabling the implementation of next-generation high power and market-leading efficiency macro base stations. 

The driver product family is available in PQFN 12 x 7mm² packages, integrating the carrier and peaking devices, input splitter, output combiner and pre-match for each section. The push-pull configuration of the devices eliminates the need for an interstage isolator, and the integrated pre- and post-match enables an input impedance of 50 ohms and output impedance of 25 ohms.

The level of integration in the B11G3338N80D significantly simplifies the design process, reduces BOM cost and assures reliability and volume consistency. The compact pin-to-pin compatible footprint for sub-6 GHz bands minimizes the layout work, which is essential for today’s space-constrained applications. 

The Doherty transistors typically deliver a drain efficiency of 22% at 12 dB power back-off and power gain of 34 dB at the quoted test conditions. Additionally, the design integrates ESD protection and bias gate switching.

The product datasheet can be found on the Ampleon website B11G3338N80D with the application notes and reference layout design.

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